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Private Jet Charter for Leisure

We invite you to select the private jet that best suits your requirements in consultation with our Sales Advisors according to the size of your family/party, your destination and your schedule.

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Private Jet Charter for Βusiness

Explore the benefits of chartering a private jet for your business purposes and find out how rewarding it is. Your plane won’t be leaving without you!

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Groups Jet Charter

Zela Jet can help bring your people together. We guarantee the fast and safe transfer of any kind of group, using +20 seat aircraft throughout Europe. One-way transfers or two-way trips are not a problem.

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Helicopter Charter

They say that everything looks beautiful from above and we believe this is true. Zela Jet can offer you specially designed packages of Sightseeing flights in many, so that you can capture the beauty of Greece from bird view.

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Our News

September 24, 2021

Zela Jet / Diamond Sky Press Release

We are proud to announce that Zela Jet and Diamond Sky have entered into a mutual agreement between the two companies to expand its cooperation to a new level
July 20, 2021

IN Business: Private Flights with no limits!

Interview of Mr. Andreas Christodoulides.
July 20, 2021

Economy Today: Our Mission: a value-for-mone approach regarding private flights.

Interview of Mr. Andreas Christodoulides.
July 20, 2021

Dolce Lifestyle Magazine, July Edition: A New Era in Private Flights.

Interview of Mr. Andreas Christodoulides.

Private jet service to have the best time in the sky

Are you ready to board the aircraft opening the door to a personalized air travel experience? Zela Jet is a private jet charter company that cultivates exclusivity for your moment in the sky. We arrange flights that are only shared with those you want or aren’t shared with anyone else. This is what flying by jet is like.

Forget about crowded commercial flights. With our private planes and helicopters, you can get to any destination in Europe while seeing comfort in a new light. You will never have to rub elbows with other passengers or make last-minute changes to your schedule during your jet charter flight.

We maintain connections with major European and Middle East airlines to take your travel experience through the skies. They enable us to provide you with more helicopters and private jets for hire, whether for one-way or multi-leg trips. With Zela Jet, you can choose from turboprops that can accommodate up to 7 passengers to executive airliners with three figures in their seating capacity.

Can’t afford to wait? Charter a jet with Zela Jet to pierce the clouds shortly after we confirm your flight. We can arrange it within as soon as an hour.

Hire a private jet for any trip

Whether you’re thinking about a romantic getaway with your spouse or a business trip with your team, Zela Jet has a perfect charter for your needs. Once you take your seat, you will be blanketed with care. And it has nothing to do with commercial flights.

Our jet charter fleet and connections with leading airlines allow us to take you wherever you want, either for business or leisure. We can organize short-haul and long-haul flights for only one passenger, a couple of friends or large groups. But no matter how many people step aboard with you, your trip is guaranteed to feel special.

To us, the word “special” implies:

  • first-class VIP passenger service
  • strict safety measures for pilots and flight attendants
  • in-flight catering service
  • excellent recreational amenities aboard every jet
  • no travel schedule, except the one you plan

These feel-special things come with every trip you take with Zela Jet. Not only that, they are included in the cost of a private jet charter. Your best air travel experience is now like a package deal!

The service that goes from the sky to the ground

While our private charter flights make you feel like royalty by definition, Zela Jet provides additional services to improve your experience before we take off and after we touch down. These include:

  • meet and assist airport service, including luggage and check-in assistance
  • transportation service to and from the airport
  • guided coach tours in Athens
  • day trips to the most enchanting spots in Greece

We will make sure your trip is exceptional before you even step aboard your jet. You relax – we do everything else until we get you to your destination and back in style.

Charter a private jet with Zela Jet today!